WilsonPro Websites

In 1996 Andy Wilson founded WilsonPro Ltd and entered the world of professional website design. Andy is now a very experienced web developer and his company hosts many websites. Andy says, "Our company has a long track record of satisfied clients."

We can advise and help you with almost anything to do with websites - contact Andy here.

The website division of WilsonPro specialises in:

  • designing a Content Management System website to meet your business needs — within your budget
  • hosting your website on WilsonPro's web servers — or your own web server
  • hosting movie clips which can be viewed on your website
  • providing you with all necessary technical support to keep your website up and running
  • installing security patches to your website as soon as they are released
  • carrying out nightly off-site backups of your website's SQL data file
  • teaching you or your staff how to upload new text and graphics to your website (it's very easy) and to edit existing content
  • editing existing articles and uploading new text and graphics to your website (if your don't have the time inclination to do it)
  • creating and administering your staff's email addresses, group mail lists and email redirect adresses

Webmaster for Rent

Many organisations have difficulty finding an affordable, skilled webmaster to help with the development or maintenance of their web site. A skilled and experienced web developer costs £50-£70 per hour in many parts of the country. Now, there's an option for organisations that need a webmaster that won't break the bank — rent one from WilsonPro Ltd.

WilsonPro Ltd has been developing professional web sites since 1998, in business, charitable, e-commerce and church settings.

We specialise in Content Management System (CMS) websites. CMS websites are truly superior and are really easy to maintain and update (even for our non-technical clients).

For End Users

CMS websites, such as the one you are looking at now, are very popular with end users (visitors to websites) because they are simple, attractive and easily produce the information or products they are looking for.

For Organisations

CMS websites are very productive and cost-effective — organisations of all sizes love them. Once your website has been set up by WilsonPro a fairly non-technical member of your staff can easily trained to upload new articles and photos and carry out simple house-keeping tasks.

Need to Sell On-Line?

CMS websites are flexible - they can easily be upgraded to on-line selling, so your sales door need never close! Do you like the thought of 24-7-365 sales?

Need a Website for your Community Group?

WilsonPro is ready to advise your community group free of charge about the benefits and choices you will need to make to produce a great community organisation website. We can also point you in the right direction to apply for finding grants.

Professional and Affordable Web Sites

Almost any business and organisation can benefit by being on-line.

  • You can attract more clients (supporters and customers).
  • You can disseminate information.
  • You can network with potential and existing clients.
  • You can get them to interact with your website via discussion forums, blogs and leaving comments

I understand the special challenges you face in having a website. It has to be good, because it’s a reflection of your organisation. It has to be easy-to-maintain, because you don’t have any extra time or extra staff.  It has to be quick and easy to use, because Internet users are impatient.

Most of all, it needs to fit a tight budget.

WilsonPro can do it. Let me quote for your project.