WilsonPro's Website Hosting Service

If you are going to have a website, you will need somewhere to put it. WilsonPro will host, administer and support your Joomla website in a well established and secure environment. Appropriately, it will be on the same group of servers that the creators of the software — Joomla.net are hosted.

Transfer your existing website to our Website Hosting Servers

If you already have a website you may wish to transfer it to our web hosting servers, possibly for one of the following reasons:

  • because of personnel changes in your organisation you are locked out of your own website and can no longer update it.
  • you need a Website Hosting Service with more reliability

Once your site has been copied onto our web hosting servers the following can be done:

  • we can update it
  • we can rewrite it from scratch so you end up with a brand new website
  • we can register a new domain name for it
  • you can request transfer of it's existing domain name to our Web Hosting servers

If you have lost your old website's hosting account username and password—and therefore can't update it—please ask us about WilsonPro website hosting. We can copy your out-of-date website onto our web hosting servers and update it there.

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