WilsonPro's Website Hosting Service

If you are going to have a website, you will need somewhere to put it. WilsonPro will host, administer and support your Joomla website in a well established and secure environment. Appropriately, it will be on the same group of servers that the creators of the software — Joomla.net are hosted.

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Free Web Hosting Services?

There are plenty of services on the Web that offer you a free Web page but you'll have to design it yourself. Free Web hosting services are often bundled together with the basic monthly fee that you pay to your Internet Service Provider.

You can also get a free homepage through services like Geocities and Excite. Unfortunately, most free hosting services require you to have advertising banners or pop-up advert boxes on your pages.

Either way, free hosting services usually do not allow you to have your own domain name, you have to share their name with your name joined onto it—which is at best unprofessional.

Free services like these are worth exactly what you pay for them! You'll also get little or no help when there are problems with your hosted site and no guarantees about the quality of hosting service.

Many organisations with little no allocated budget rely on small web hosting organisations like WilsonPro Ltd. Andy Wilson says, "Because WilsonPro is not my primary source of income and because my overheads are almost non-extant, my fees are considerably lower than many other Web Hosting Services. My service, however is second to non amongst my peers".

WilsonPro Web Hosting

WilsonPro Ltd can be your one-stop partner for designing and hosting a website that enhances your organisation's image, customer service level and sales.

We will build a website for you that shows and tells exactly what you desire about your organisation. WilsonPro also provides a unique range of associated services to compliment your website, including web hosting using the latest technology and giving the largest range of features and options.

We employ a flexible pricing structure because each of our client's budgets and requirements are unique. As we have lower overheads, our labour charges are approximately 50% less than many other web professionals—rest assured we still maintain an outstanding Quality of Service.

Click here for some examples of websites we host for our clients.

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