Basic Website Ingredients

What goes into most of our client's websites

You might have the finest website in the world but if nobody knows it's out there you will have zero visitors. WilsonPro will register your new website with popular search engines and code your pages with hidden META TAGS that will enable your website to be listed in even more search engines. We can also advise you of other ways to promote your new website—tried and tested marketing principles.

We will maintain backup copies of your website for use in disaster recovery situations.

Whether you chose a one page website or a small website, medium website or large website it will contain some or all of the following:

Graphics—we can:
  • add photographs of your personnel, members, premises, social events etc.
  • scan in your colour or black and white 35mm negatives, transparencies or photos
  • crop out unwanted parts of the your photos
  • edit out imperfections, such as skin blemishes, using Adobe Photoshop software
  • correct faults such as colour casts, red eye etc.
  • take digital photos for you if no suitable ones exist
Text—we can:
  • accept your text in all common computer file formats and lay it out on your website either unedited or, with your approval, edited to make the style more readable and where applicable, substituting buzz words and jargon for plain English terms
  • offer text consultation—perhaps you know what you want to say but are either not sure how to say it or if to say it all (the golden rule for text is "less is more")
  • suggest topics that could be included, based on our wide experience of other websites in your field
  • programme scrolling messages into the status bar on the bottom left had of Internet Explored web browser. If you cannot see right now you can turn it on by going to the View menu and turn on Status Bar. This message can be updated by us at your request.
Email links—spam security

You will probably want to have email links for your office or next to your key people's photographs on your website. The usual way of writing email links on websites unfortunately opens up the door to junkmail address spiders which scan the World Wide Web for email addresses. If this happens to your email address you would normally end up on a junk email list and receive countless time-wasting and offensive junk/spam emails. Fortunately, WilsonPro use an encrypted system for email links on their client's websites, making it nearly impossible for this to happen.

Java scripts

We have a large library of Java scripts that can be coded into your website. Java scripts enable special visual effects or intelligent features to be created, for instance a greeting can be inserted into your home page that says Good Morning, Good Afternoon or Good Evening, depending on the time of day at the viewer's computer. Another example of a Java script is the scrolling message that you can see at the bottom of your browser (look down). If you cannot see this and you are using a recent version of Microsoft Internet Explorer, click the View menu option at the top of this screen and select Status Bar.

Hit Counters

Can be inserted into you website to keep you informed about how many people visit your site. The decision about whether to include a hit counter or not can be discussed with WilsonPro.


We can insert music and sound effects in your website but please bear in mind these can be distracting if used indiscriminately


You will probably want to include a Links Page on your website, listing useful links to other websites in your field. This encourages people to visit your website as a reference source when researching similar websites. WilsonPro maintains a database of popular website links to insert on your Links Page, or you can specify your own

While WilsonPro is hosting your website we will fix or remove any broken links to external websites, as and when we are advised


We can copy any suitable animated or static graphics, text information, page backgrounds or general styles etc. that you might have found on other websites (within the laws of international copyright). This has been standard practice on the Internet since it's birth. Of course we will still make your website stand out from other websites in your field.