Existing Website Maintance

You might already have a website but it's information is out of date. Maybe the person who originally created it no longer has the time to update it. Perhaps they have now left your organisation. We will update the information on your website as long as you provide us with the following security details: the web server address, user name and password that are required to upload data to your out-of-date website—it's as simple as that. If you cannot supply these security details please ask us about website hosting instead. We can copy your out of date website onto our web hosting servers and update it there, but to avoid confusing your audience with two websites, you would need to instruct your previous web hosting service to close down your redundant website.


The information on your website might be factually correct but you may want to benefit from improved text layout (formatting with different typefaces, the use of text tables, bullet points, etc). On the other hand, you may want to update your house style (changing background colour, adding frames, navigation buttons, editing or renewing photos, etc) thus making your website more professional looking—rather than going for a complete rebuild.

You also might want to benefit from WilsonPro's copy-writing expertise letting them edit your text, to make it read in a more appealing way.

Remember, there are many other websites and other on-line entertainment competing against you for an audience.

You may want us to improve upon your original design or layout and make your website more professional looking—to just tidy it up a little, (rather than the going to the expense of building a new site from scratch).