Domain Name Registration

In order to give your website it's own distinctive name, which is in effect your website's brand name, you will need to choose/search for and register a suitable (and available) domain name. Your domain name will belong to your organisation for the period it is registered to you.

The standard UK ( or etc) domain name registration period is 24 months but in the case of a US (.com or .org etc) domain name this usually starts at 12 months but can be extended to as much as ten years (so you don't have to worry about renewing the registration for a long time to come). WilsonPro is happy to freely advise you on all aspects of domain name choice. Prices for different types of domain name vary.

Shortly before your domain name expires you should receive an email informing you that it is about to expire and that it should be renewed for another period, otherwise it will become available to be purchased by somebody else and you will loose it.