Website Content Updating Service

It will be great to show the world your new website, but nothing in this world stands still for long. The information on your new website will soon get out of date, people come—people go and organisations change their structure. If you start holding new meetings or change the times of existing ones, or close down old meetings you will want to update the information on your website.

The New Website Content Updating Service takes care of all that for you. You just email us the changed information and we will update your website and notify you when it is done.

Alternately, if you have a Content Management System (CMS) like the one you are looking at now, which is a Joomla! website, you can add content and update the website yourself.

Domain Name Registration

In order to give your website it's own distinctive name, which is in effect your website's brand name, you will need to choose/search for and register a suitable (and available) domain name. Your domain name will belong to your organisation for the period it is registered to you.

Read more: Domain Name Registration

Existing Website Maintance

You might already have a website but it's information is out of date. Maybe the person who originally created it no longer has the time to update it. Perhaps they have now left your organisation. We will update the information on your website as long as you provide us with the following security details: the web server address, user name and password that are required to upload data to your out-of-date website—it's as simple as that. If you cannot supply these security details please ask us about website hosting instead. We can copy your out of date website onto our web hosting servers and update it there, but to avoid confusing your audience with two websites, you would need to instruct your previous web hosting service to close down your redundant website.

Read more: Existing Website Maintance

Web Based Diary

What would it be like if your organisation's diary was availble on the Internet? Your staff, supporters and clients could view appointment and meetings dates and times, events and even room bookings. The diary could be:

  • viewable to all
  • password protected, so snooping eyes can't see itl
  • password protected, so only a few authorised people could write to it but everybody could read it
  • password protected, so only a few authorised people could write to it and other authorised people could read it

Please speak with us if you feel you may be able to benefit from a Web Based Diary