WilsonPro Websites

In 1996 Andy Wilson founded WilsonPro Ltd and entered the world of professional website design. Andy is now a very experienced web developer and his company hosts many websites. Andy says, "Our company has a long track record of satisfied clients."

We can advise and help you with almost anything to do with websites - contact us by clicking the green Ask a question tab to discuss your needs.

The website division of WilsonPro specialises in:

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What web creation software do we use?

WilsonPro uses the very latest version of Joomla, which is a Content Management System (CMS).

The layout and structure of a CMS website is created according to your needs and the design template of your choice is applied to give the website a more individual look.

All the text articles are held in a single database file rather than dozens or hundreds of individual files.

The website you are looking at now is built with Joomla and this is what we use for all of our current clients.

A major advantage of a CMS website is that our customers are able to write new articles directly on the website, upload photos and amend existing ones from any Internet connected computer without installing any software and with minimum training. Our customers are in control of their own websites (or we can do this for them).