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If you publish a paper Newsletter then you might like to publish it on your website for all your contacts to see. Although you could still produce and distribute paper copies as usual, you would not need to print out so many of them, as some of your people would have Internet access and could print their own copies direct from your website. This way people who live at a distance from you, or who are on holiday, can keep up to date with your regular news or events information, perhaps even before the paper copies are distributed!

You can also archive previous newsletters on your website's news page so that people who have been out of contact for a few weeks can catch up on the previous news announcements.

WilsonPro Web Development History

In 1996 Andy developed his first website for Greenford Baptist Church—which has since been chosen as a Top Ten website in it's class by a prestigious UK web magazine. This has grown since the early days and now includes photos, animation and music. The original website has been upgraded to a Content Management System website and is spread over hundresd of pages and with all the multi-media files weighs in at over half a gigabyte.

Since the early days Andy has developed and hosted many other websites, see the Links section.

Andy develops websites using various technologies - Dreamweaver, Frontpage and open source database driven content management systems (CMS) such as Mambo and Joomla! CMS websites allow clients and users to update their websites from anywhere in the world using just a web browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Moving from a Web Site to a Web Ministry

Adapted from an article by J. Sebastian Traeger and Duncan J. Rein, co-founders of and the new owners of

Yesterday, on my morning walk, I met some newcomers to my neighborhood who said they were starting a church. They seemed to be sincere, godly people, and they were overflowing with excitement as they spoke about their vision for ministering to their new, adopted community. They invited me inside a half-built sanctuary to take a look, and as we walked around, they unveiled their vision for the church. There was the pulpit where the Word of God would be preached with great power to a thirsty congregation. There was the old organ, and right next to it a great new sound system for the high school praise band that would lead the worship music.

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Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions are incorporated into all of our website contracts and are binding upon our clients.

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WilsonPro Websites

In 1996 Andy Wilson founded WilsonPro Ltd and entered the world of professional website design. Andy is now a very experienced web developer and his company hosts many websites. Andy says, "Our company has a long track record of satisfied clients."

We can advise and help you with almost anything to do with websites - contact Andy here.

The website division of WilsonPro specialises in:

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