Voluntary Sector Videos

Most voluntary sector organisations have good looking websites — but how many of them lack the kind of audio/visual impact that captures their visitor's attention.

What can make the difference?

Make your not-for-profit website stand out from other sites — and drive up visitor numbers, volunteers and financial contributors with a video presentation. Commission WilsonPro Video to make a publicity video or short documentary about your charity — showing what your clients say about you, what your volunteers say about you and what you and your staff say about you!

Distribute your video on DVD

Imagine the effectiveness of showing a high quality video presentation on a TV, laptop or digital projector — to potential funders and volunteers.

Church videos

We do a lot of work for the church and publish videos on the Internet at gbcweb.tv.

Ask WilsonProVideo

Contact us now for a free consultation to discuss the possibilities and get a quote — it may not as much as you may think.