Video Editing

Are you looking for a reliable and skilled video editor for an upcoming project or perhaps you need someone to edit a video that has already been shot? Look no further! WilsonPro offers you it's full post production service using Apple Final Cut Pro X software on the latest Apple editing suite. Final Cut Pro X is used to edit many big Hollywood movies, famous TV series and is also used by the BBC.

Professional music scoring on a budget

Your video may need suitable background music for the titles and mood music under the dialogue or perhaps during the action. You can make use of our vast royalty-free SmartSound music library - or supply your own music.


See five examples of our work below.

Going Into the Street

Finding Artist Emma Kinani"Going Into the Street" is a highlight video clip taken from the bible teaching "Fearless Authority" by Greenford Baptist Church Pastor Warren McNeil. The external shots are similar in style to the Blair Witch Project.

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Regenerate-RISE video

Regenerate-RISE videoRegenerate-RISE commissioned WilsonProVideo to make it's national launch video.

Might your organisation benefit from having a high-impact video on it's website and giving out DVDs?

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Finding Artist Emma Kinani

Finding Artist Emma KinaniYoung and attractive artist, Emma Kinani, had a promising art career ahead of her, but it fell by the wayside, that is until two months ago, when she re-found her former love: painting. For the next two months Emma was inspired to paint. She burned much midnight oil, often going to bed with the dawn chorus.

Meet the artist Emma Kinani and get a sneak preview of her growing art collection.

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Hallelujah Chorus Flash Mob Remix

Hallelujah Chorus Flash Mob RemixAt 11.00am on Saturday 18 December 2010 shoppers enjoyed a Flash Mob of 200 choristers from 16 choirs at London's Brent Cross Shopping Centre performing The Hallelujah Chorus. Three Greenford Baptist Church members took part in the singing and video production. A few hours later Brent Cross Shopping Center was closed early for the first time in it's history due to a snow blizzard.

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